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The Private Client Management (PCM) Process

Discovery Meeting

This initial Discovery Meeting is our opportunity to discover everything that is financially important to our client, and to collect all information necessary to assess client suitability and determine whether we can add substantial value to our client’s situation. If it appears unlikely that we can make a strong positive impact, we’ll be more than happy to refer you to another firm that might be a better fit.

Where appropriate, we will create a Private Client Profile which we will use to craft an Investment Plan and a Wealth Management Plan. This Private Client Profile is at the heart of this initial Discovery Meeting and covers seven key areas:

As you can see, our inquiry into who our client really is goes much further than the fact-finding process used by most advisors, which is typically limited to assets, net worth, time horizon, investment goals and risk tolerance.

While these topics are clearly important and need to be assessed, they do little to reveal what really matters most to our affluent client’s.

The Wealth Management Consulting Process

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