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Strategies for Protecting Wealth
by Darrell Aviss

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A Diamond in the Rough
Advisor Today - January 2010 One of private placement life insurance's primary attractions is its tax advantages.

Offshore Trusts Help Preserve Assets and Diversify Investments
The offshore trust is an investment vehicle for escaping the litigious society in the U.S. But these trusts may also be used as a means for investing in international markets without restriction.

A Swiss Solution
Wealth Manager - April 2008 Private Insurance Portfolios offer ironclad asset protection for high-net-worth clients, and that's just the beginning

Advisor Perspectives - Feb 2008
Debunking the Mystique of Swiss Asset-Protection Strategies

Expert Insight
Physician's Money Digest - December 2007

Riches Out of Reach
Private Wealth Magazine - December 2007 Offshore asset protection solutions can help the affluent shield their fortunes from random opportunists & baseless lawsuits.

Obey 7 Rules To Protect Your Assets
Chiropractic Economics - November 2007

SwissTrust International provides investors with state-of-the-art wealth preservation solutions
Zurich based firm brings the virtues of Swiss asset protection to U.S. investors

The Estate Tax and the Affluent
A look at the impact of the Federal Estate Tax on those most likely to pay it - by Russ Alan Prince, Hannah Shaw Grove and Arthur A. Bavelas

Wealth Management in Switzerland
Industry Trends and Strategies January 2007

Protect Your Wealth - Caviar Affair Winter 2007
Switzerland is key in moving assets offshore.

The Most Important Lesson's I've Learned

Betting Against the Dollar
Maybe Warren Buffet is right that trade deficits will sink the U.S. currency. There are a lot of ways to make this bet. Forbes July 24, 2006

Guard Against Personal Liability Threats
Lock down your asset protection strategy. Physician's Money Digest. December 2005

The Global Investors
Look for investment ideas everywhere and always be prepared to swoop down on any opportunity that creates the most bang for your buck. - John Templelton

Swiss Gnomes and Global Investing
Switzerland remains the safe haven of choice for much of the world's private wealth.

The World of Swiss Banking
2005 English Edition

All Fixed Up?
Low returns have dampened the demand for fixed annuities, but product innovations and demographics may soon have this tortoise trotting. Financial Planning magazine February 2005

Global Bond and Foreign Currency Plays
Examining ways to profit from changes in foreign currency values. Financial Advisor April 2005

A Word from a Dollar Bear
Warren Buffett's vote of no confidence in U.S. fiscal policies is up to $20 billion. Forbes January 10, 2005

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