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Strategies for Protecting Wealth
by Darrell Aviss

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Are you contemplating some of the following questions …

How do I preserve and grow my wealth in a private and sustainable way? How do I protect my family and what we own from increasing litigation and forced transfer of wealth? How do I minimize future tax burdens? How do I ensure that my heirs benefit from what I have built? How can I go about doing this privately and confidentially? How do I ensure that the strategies I employ are fully compliant and avoid running afoul of the rules?

These questions are critical to the long-term success of your financial objectives and need to be addressed sooner – rather than later – preferably by trusted advanced planning experts.

Our Private Client Advisors rank amongst the foremost advanced planning experts in Switzerland and are able to work with you to design some of the most effective wealth management strategies backed by some of the finest financial tools in the world today. These solutions are designed and coordinated by leading international specialists to protect and grow your assets in an ever-changing global marketplace.

We focus on solutions that combine the cornerstones of an adequate wealth management strategy, namely:

In pursuit of these core specialties and making our client's experience of international investing, structuring and estate planning as convenient and efficient as possible, we act as a point of contact internationally and integrate our services with those of our Professional Network.

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