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As a high net-worth individual, you’ve spent many years carefully protecting and growing your wealth. You’re understandably anxious to safeguard it against today’s unpredictable market volatility and extreme economic conditions. Assets held in your country of residence may be subject to the effects of political uncertainty – factors which you cannot control, but which could have a significant negative impact on your financial well-being.

To counter this uncertainty, SwissTrust International will provide you with a “red-carpet” introduction to a suitable private bank and assist you in establishing an offshore bank account in a jurisdiction that is politically and economically stable, unaffected by domestic unrest or political turmoil. It has become imperative for high-net worth investors to be introduced to a Swiss private bank through a proper introduction to ensure you align your interests with the right bank on the right terms to achieve your financial goals and objectives. After being burdened with considerable regulations regarding money laundering, qualified intermediary rules and the like, most of the more prestigious banks in Switzerland and other European countries no longer accept foreign bank accounts without a personal visit of the client or a qualified introduction.

Offshore banking accounts function in an unrestricted financial environment, enabling account holders to exercise their financial freedom whilst enjoying privacy, security and a wide range of elite banking services and financial benefits, including custody of client assets, and professional asset management.

You will gain trading access to virtually any investment opportunity on any global market or exchange, covering all asset classes. This includes bonds, funds, equities, structured products, alternative investments, capital guaranteed products and investment certificates. As offshore banking experts, SwissTrust International and our banking partners have access to some of the world’s finest investment instruments available in the world today. Through skillful management of your portfolio, we’ll ensure that your investments benefit from our specialized expertise of domestic and international financial markets.

Offshore banking was once the sole preserve of the world’s wealthiest investors; a lucrative, fiercely-guarded world shrouded in secrecy that offered financial rewards only to a small handful of private and institutional investors. However, improved liquidity and growth in global markets over recent years has granted individuals greater access to offshore banking advice and services than ever before.

As one of Europe’s fastest-growing wealth management firms, SwissTrust International is expertly positioned to help you take advantage of the world’s finest offshore banking opportunities. Protected from political and economic volatility and supervised by a world-class asset management team, SwissTrust International’s offshore investment services provides one of the most stable, effective means of preserving and growing your wealth over time.

Moreover, SwissTrust International will assist you in setting up a tax-efficient structure, depending on where you are a tax resident and domiciled. This strategy – be it an insurance wrapper or a sophisticated Trust or Foundation – will minimise your tax obligations and thus maximise your after-tax returns. Working alongside your own tax advisors, SwissTrust International’s international network of professional tax specialists will ensure that you benefit from an optimal tax structure.

At SwissTrust International, we take Swiss banking secrecy laws very seriously. As a valued private investor, you can rest assured that your financial data will remain confidential at all times, and that any third parties receiving this information are those to whom you’ve chosen to disclose it. Although strict banking secrecy has always been a renowned element of holding a Swiss bank account, secrecy alone would hardly suffice for Swiss banks to succeed in the increasingly competitive and challenging world of international banking.

The concept of Swiss private banking is about much more than just banking. It is a long and time-tested tradition of asset management, and Switzerland remains the premier global financial center. The mix of solid regulations, the freedom of financial markets, a stable government, strong currency, top-notch professionalism and the typical Swiss focus on quality and service have been at the core of the Swiss banking success story for hundred of years. That’s why investors throughout the world have said for more than 200 years that “Switzerland Means Safety.”
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