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by Darrell Aviss

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Swiss Insurance Consulting

SwissTrust International has developed a unique set of skills and expertise related to wealth planning strategies that are based on specifically tailored annuities and life insurance policies.

International life insurance planning provides for substantial benefits in the areas of asset protection, privacy, tax efficiency and global investment flexibility.

Properly structured annuities and life insurance policies offer one of the last true bastions for solid wealth preservation planning. By utilizing the legal and tax benefits rendered to such insurance-based investment strategies in any given jurisdiction, we aim to secure significant advantages in the realms of tax reduction, asset protection, privacy and unrestricted global investment flexibility. We work closely with a select group of financially sound, safe, and innovative insurance companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Over the past twenty years, offshore life insurance solutions and annuity policies have grown increasingly popular for discriminating investors around the world as its mechanics and advantages become better understood. In particular, investors from countries with unstable political or highly litigious legal systems have sought safety in the various forms of international annuities. Solid asset protection and currency diversification are keynote benefits offered by properly structured and compliant insurance wrappers.

Beyond these important benefits, international investors now also appreciate recent innovations related to improved investment flexibility and growth. The type of product suitable will depend primarily on your objectives and the jurisdiction you live in.

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