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Strategies for Protecting Wealth
by Darrell Aviss

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Asset Protection Specialist

The goal of asset protection planning is to provide you and your assets a viable defense against litigants and creditors. Most high-net worth investors focus on protecting their wealth only after they have had their fortunes risked or lost. Unfortunately, that is often too late. The time to prepare for unjust legal actions is before they occur.

Our objective is to strongly discourage these overtures and minimize any potential financial effect using legal strategies and structures that:

These legal strategies and structures should make economic sense within the context of an overall financial or estate plan.

Since its inception in 2003, SwissTrust International has become one of the most respected asset protection specialist firms in Europe. Despite our rapid growth, we have not wavered from our commitment to exceptional client service. In fact, we believe that it is this very quality that sets us apart from our competitors, and which has secured our position as one of Europe’s leading financial services providers.

Asset protection, or risk management, is vital to the long-term success and sustainability of your wealth. Without implementing effective asset protection solutions, your assets cannot flourish in a global market – particularly during times of economic change or turbulence.

For this reason, it is just as important to focus on protecting what you have spent a lifetime accumulating as it is to grow it – particularly if you’re seeking to enhance your retirement investments. Risk management, through meticulous asset protection planning, will safeguard you against possible future losses as you seek to improve the performance of your portfolio.

Asset protection comprises only one facet of our broad service offering. Your portfolio will also benefit from our bespoke asset management solutions, investment strategies, and offshore banking services. In the long-term, we are confident that our precision, knowledge and independent approach to asset management will help you to improve the performance of your current portfolio.

There are many legal strategies which can accomplish effective asset protection. The preferred course of action – for most people – is to avoid litigation wherever possible. The best asset protection plans are never even tested in court. But given the increasingly litigious nature of society, asset protection is a wise mover for most – if not all – high net-worth individuals and families.

SwissTrust International’s expertise in designing asset protection strategies and structures gives us a distinct edge over our competitors. Our products have been crafted to meet the individual goals of affluent, high and ultra-high net worth investors, and serve to maximise wealth creation and preservation. In particular, we focus on the following solutions:

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